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List of Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Automated Kantian Ethics: A Faithful Implementation and Testing Framework

Lavanya Singh

Communicating Safety of Planned Paths via Optimally-Simple Explanations

Noel Brindise and Cedric Langbort

Dynamically Self-Adjusting Gaussian Processes for Data Stream Modelling

Jan David Hüwel, Florian Haselbeck, Dominik G. Grimm and Christian Beecks

HanKA: Enriched Knowledge Used by an Adaptive Cooking Assistant

Nils Neumann and Sven Wachsmuth

Health And Habit: an Agent-based Approach

Veronika Kurchyna, Stephanie Rodermund, Jan Ole Berndt, Heike Spaderna and Ingo Timm

Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Ontologies: Reification for Representing Arbitrary Relations

Mena Leemhuis, Özgür Lütfü Özcep and Diedrich Wolter

NeuralPDE: Modelling Dynamical Systems from Data

Andrzej Dulny, Andreas Hotho and Anna Krause

Optimal Fixed-Premise Repairs of EL TBoxes

Francesco Kriegel

PEBAM: A Profile-based Evaluation Method for Bias Assessment on Mixed Datasets

Mieke Wilms, Giovanni Sileno and Hinda Haned

Solving the Traveling Salesperson Problem with Precedence Constraints by Deep Reinforcement Learning

Christian Löwens, Muhammad Inaam Ashraf, Alexander Gembus, Genesis Cuizon, Jonas K. Falkner and Lars Schmidt-Thieme

The Randomness of Input Data Spaces is an A Priori Predictor for Generalization

Martin Briesch, Dominik Sobania and Franz Rothlauf

Unsupervised Alignment of Distributional Word Embeddings

Aissatou Diallo and Johannes Fürnkranz

Technical Communications

An Implementation of Nonmonotonic Reasoning with System W

Christoph Beierle, Jonas Philipp Haldimann, Daniel Kollar, Kai Sauerwald and Leon Schwarzer

Assessing the Accuracy-Explainability-Cost Trade-off on Model Selection for Retail Article Categorization

Eduardo Brito, Vishwani Gupta, Eric Hahn and Sven Giesselbach

Deep Neural Networks for Geometric Shape Deformation

Aida Farahani, Julien Vitay and Fred Hamker

Enabling Supervised Machine Learning for SMEs through Data Pooling: A Case Study in the Service Industry

Leonhard Czarnetzki, Fabian Kainz, Fabian Lächler, Catherine Laflamme and Daniel Bachlechner

Leveraging implicit gaze-based user feedback for interactive machine learning

Omair Shahzad Bhatti, Michael Barz and Daniel Sonntag


Learning the Markov Order of Paths in Graphs

Luka Petrović and Ingo Scholtes